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March 14, 2013
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Before I start, the characters and ideas based in this story are the humanized representation of My Little Pony and belong to Geotastic. Thank you and please enjoy.

-Picture drawn by Geotastic.…

Princess Preschool:
“Why does time move so slow during these things?” Twilight thought to herself as she waited in a grand hall. “And what could be so important that I had to be called back to Canterlot?” The sound of her pacing echoed off the white walls surrounding her. Eventually Twilight sat down, legs tired from the wait. Just as, she heard the sound of a closing door fallowed by the tapping of high heels walking through the room.
“Twilight! It’s so good to see you again.” Princess Cadence said as she grabbed on to both of Twilights hands. Twilight rose to her feet.
“Princess Cadence!” They both giggled and sang,
“Sunshine, sunshine. Lady bugs awake. Clap your hands and do a little shake.”
Twilight looked confused. She looked down Cadences long pink dress, split down one led revealing her pantyhose and ending with her white heals.  “When did you come back from the Crystal Empire? I thought you were heading back?”
“Actually, Shining Armor returned, but Princess Celestia requested I stay here to help with something important.”
“Like what?”
“Well, I’m not quite sure yet to be honest.” She said with a giggle.
The Door burst opened once more, filling the room with light as a guard walked in and up to the girls. He bowed before them, “Princess Cadence. Princess Twilight Sparkle. It has been requested by Princess Celestia that you accompany me to her quarters from here.”
Twilight grew concerned. What could be so important that they must be escorted to the Princess’s private study? The girls wasted no time in following the guard out of the room and through the castle. It was late in the afternoon, the sound of the city on the horizon as day began to slowly shift toward night.  Everything in the castle was bright, pastel, and shimmered in the sun. Twilight always enjoyed walking through the kingdom, the castle towering over the royal gardens always made her feel like royalty, more so now that she had finally become such.
They eventually reached the large double doors, behind which, Princess Celestia surly waited. Twilight gulped as the door began to open. Slowly the two walked in to the dim room allowing the heavy doors to close behind them. They stood before the Princess who gazed out a large window with her back turned to them. “Princess Cadence, Princess Twilight. Please, do come in.” She said as she turned around to great them with a smile.
Princess Celestia walked out from behind a large wooden desk and stood before the two. “Princess Twilight, allow me to once again congratulate you on your coronation.  It is a pleasure to have you among company.”
Cadence’s eyes began to wonder as Twilight listened to Princess Celestia. The room was very well organized, even down to the bookshelves by the door. She looked down at something odd catching her eye in the corner of the room. There was something sitting on the floor in front of a red-ish leather couch. Deep blue in color, shaped somewhat curvy, delicate. The strange object seemed to vanish into a heavy shadow, cast over the corner of the room. She stared at it for a while. Suddenly it moved startling her, as she realized she had been gazing at a pair of legs.
“Cadence, is everything alright?” Celestia asked.
“Oh… Oh yes your highness. I apologize.”
“Oh. Where are my manners?” Princess Celestia turned to the corner of the room and looked into the shadow. “Luna, would you care to join us?”
Princess Luna stood up and walked to her sister’s side. She looked over Cadence and Twilight with a yawn. “You will have to forgive me, I’m not yet awake.”
“Please allow me to get right to the point.” Celestia spoke softly. “As part of a Princesses learning, she must attend strict schooling on how to be a princess. Before you can perform your royal duties as a Princess, it is imperative that you go through this training process.”
Twilight looked down at her feet, then up at Princess Celestia. “I understand, where do I start?”
“Princess Preschool.” Princess Celestia gave a friendly smile.
“Princess… Preschool?”
“Most alicorns are born into royalty, learning as they grow. However, because you were coroneted in only recently, your will have to begin your training now. Luna, Cadence, I need a minute with Princess Twilight please.”
The two opened the door and walked out, Luna blocking her eyes from the setting sun. “Ngh… to bright.”
“Hay Luna?” The door shut leaving the two standing in front of it. “How do you think Twilight is going to handle this?”
“I remember Princess Preschool. It’s not that bad.”
“…” Cadence hung her head as if she were sad for twilight.
“… You know… when I was sent to the moon, my sister striped me of my royal rank… When I returned, I had to start from scratch.” Luna blushed and looked at the ground.  “But I got through Princess Preschool a second time, just like Twilight will…”
“Twilight, I need you to lay on your back please.” Princess Celestia said as she walked toward Twilight, pulling something from her desk.
Twilight did as she was asked, laying on her back and looking up at the ceiling. The room was quiet, the only sound Twilight heard was her heart beating out of control. She felt her heart jump at the cold touch of Celestia’s hands sliding off her panties.
“Starting off from the beginning is always hard Twilight…” She felt Celestia’s grip on her ankles as her legs began to rise, her bottom lifted up off the ground by the Princess. “But as well studied as you are…” Something slid under twilight as the princess gently lowered her back side down onto something soft. “… and the determination you have as a student…” Celestia went on, shaking a bottle over Twilight’s lower body, making her shake at the cold powder against her bare skin. “… I feel confident that you can get through this.” She said, folding the strange crinkly garment up over Twilight “Besides…” The sound of the tape made Twilight realize exactly what would be in store for her future as it hugged snuggly to her body. “You’ve come this far…” Princess Celestia softly grabbed her hands and pulled her into the sitting position. “So I’m sure you can see it through.”
Twilight lifted her dress and stared at the diaper, pressing against it with her hand. “Oh yes, we can’t forget your uniform now can we?”
“Of course Twilight. The way a Princess presents herself is of upmost importance. During Princess Preschool, you will need to learn the basics such as this.” Princess Celestia’s eyes lit up.
Twilight’s dress began to change, wrapping around her body tightly, growing over her diaper and snapping between her legs as the skirt began to shrink up around her waist exposing the snaps, detaching from the diaper cover and becoming a short dress of its own.  
Twilight examined her outfit up and down, from the puffy sleeves, to the short and revealing ruffled skirt. “But… Princess… This outfit is far to small…”
“It is the traditional royal Princess Preschool uniform.”
Twilight looked back down at the diaper. “But Princess…”
“Only another princess may change you… It is one of many rules of royalty. Not Shining Armor, or any of the element of harmony users. Princesses have no loop holes to the rules. You must fallow them closely and learn exactly what it means to be a princess, Twilight Sparkle.”
Twilight thought to herself as Celestia walked to the door and opened it, allowing Cadence and Luna back into the room. “Infinite power… but such a small uniform…” She hung her head and let her hands fall to the floor as she began to sniffle.
Seeing this, Celestia sat in front of Twilight and pulled her up onto her lap, patting her diapered backside. “It’s okay Twilight. You’re going to do just fine my student.” She said floating a bottle across the room and in to her hand. She slid the bottle into Twilight’s mouth and tilted it back. “There there Twilight. I know the uniform isn’t to your liking, but you look just as cute in it as Princess Luna does.” Luna blushed with an angry face and looked away as Cadence blushed and let out a small giggle. By the time the bottle was empty, Twilight had calmed down, Princess Celestia now gently rubbing her back.
“Princess Cadence, Would you mind keeping an eye on Twilight for a while? Unfortunately, Princess Luna and I have a previous engagement we must attend to this evening, so neither of us will be able to watch the bay-… Twilight… Tonight is the dubbing of the royal knight ceremony.”
“It would be an honor.”
For a while, Twilight lay in Princess Celestia’s arms, thinking to herself of this new world. Cut short by Celestia helping her to her feet with a hug. She levitated a pacifier into Twilights mouth, and filled a large diaper bag with everything Twilight would need to get started. Celestia then held Twilights hand and walked out from the room, the other princesses followed side by side behind them. Celestia spoke of the tasks ahead for Twilight as the approached a royal chariot. Cadence stepped on, throwing the diaper bag over her shoulder, and held her hand out to Twilight, helping her on.
“I will see you soon my most faithful student.” And with that the chariot lifted into the sky.
The ride was quiet. What was Twilight supposed to say at this point? She need not speak of her embarrassment to Princess Cadence, the expression alone carried strong across her face. Even then, the shock still remained, the events of the day burnt into her memory. Yet before long, the tension began to ease knowing Cadence passed no judgment upon her. Tension that returned however, after landing down on the outskirts of Ponyville.
Cadence once again took Twilights hand, stepping off the platform as it raised into the air and began to return to the kingdom, leaving the duo standing alone. Twilight thought to herself, “no going back now.” She felt a firm tug on her arm as Cadence began to walk into town.
“HAY TWILIGHT!” A voice called from above. Twilight said nothing as she began to blush. “TWWWWIIIIIILLLLLIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!” Rainbow Dash landed in front of her. “You wanna’ see this… cool… Trick… I…” She began to giggle a little bit. “Ummmm… What are you wearing?”
Cadence interrupted. “Nice to see you again Rainbow Dash.”
“Uhhhh, what’s going on?”
“Twilight is starting her first royal duty and attending Princess Preschool.” Twilight blushed at this. “Unfortunately I’m afraid we have much to do before the night sets in and I must get her home.”
“Well…” Rainbow laughed. “I wouldn’t want to keep you from… whatever it is you’re doing. Hahaha, good luck Twilight.” And with that she flew off.
“Don’t let it get to you Twilight. Everything will be fine, you’ll see.” With that, they began to walk into town.
The town was in full swing, finishing up their shopping and chores before the night set in, allowing Twilight to hide in plain sight as they walked toward the library. “Almost home free.” Twilight thought to herself. As they walked, they passed by Sweetie Belle, talking to a man with long black hair who both paused and watched her walk by, saying nothing. She blushed as Cadence continued to tug on her arm, pulling her along. Suddenly however the tugging stopped just as Twilight heard another familiar voice shriek out her name.
“Twilight!” Pinkie Pie ran up to her bouncing up and down. “Welcome back Twilight. You were gone for such a super long extra forever time! You have to try these cupcakes that Apple Jack and I made.” Before Cadence had a chance to detour Pinkie, she snatched Twilights pacifier away, shoved a cupcake in her mouth, and stuck the pacifier back in. “What an amazing super-riffic outfit Twilight it’s so cute just like Pumpkin Cakes little dressy but only for Twilight size that makes me dawweh because you look sooo cute in it like I want one too. Where did ya’ get it huh huh huh?”
“Woooah there Pinkie Pie.” Apple Jack walked up. “Princess Cadence.” Apple Jack bowed. “Twilight looks a might busy at the moment.” She blushed at the sight of Twilight. “What cha’ got goin’ on there Twi? Rarity on her new fashion thingy again?”
Princess Cadence spoke for her. “She’s attending the first stages of becoming a princess.”
“I see. Don’t worry Twi, ya’ll can get through it. Come on Pinkie, we oughta’ let them be. I recon Twilight needs to concentrait.” She began pulling Pinkie away against her will.
“BUT WIAT! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESSSSSSSSS!!!” Pinkie shouted as she disappeared in to the crowds.  
Before long they reached the library. Closing the door behind them, Cadence placed down the diaper bag and pulled out Twilights pacifier, placing it on top of the bag. “I’m sorry Twilight. I know it’s embarrassing, I tried to get you home as fast as possible.”
“It’s… okay. I have to admit, though embarrassing, it isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. If this is what I have to go through to be a princess, than what’s the worst that can happen.”
“Twilight! You’re ba-“ Spike stopped as he ran into the room. He began to laugh. His laughter growing harder and harder as he fell to the floor and rolled around.
“Spike… I.” She tried to talk over him but his laughter grew louder. “Spike?” Still, he continued to laugh. “SPIKE!”
“Spike…” His laughter ended with a loud clapping sound and a sharp sting across his backside. “Quit laughing at Twilight this instant young man. Unless you want to end up wearing that same outfit. Besides, you know you’re not even supposed to be here while Twilight goes through her Princess Training.”
“Spike… You knew about this… and you didn’t tell me?”
Spike looked down at his feet. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you, but I didn’t know that she meant like… REAL preschool.” Twilight clenched her fist at this. She then snapped out of it. She had not seen this side of Cadence since she was just a little girl. She always admired how in control Cadence seemed to be when she baby sat for her.
“I’m sorry Spike… But it isn’t polite to laugh at a princess’s misfortune.  I didn’t mean to spank you like that.” She rubbed her hand. “But that really wasn’t nice at all.”
“I know…” he hung his head. “I’m sorry.”
Cadence hugged spike. “It’s okay. Now… you better get running or you’ll miss the train to tonight’s Night Dubbing.”
He looked down at his watch. “OH MAN! I totally forgot that was tonight!” And with that he ran out the door, slamming it shut behind him.
Cadence leaned up against the door. “OKAY…” she sighed. “I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how hectic this is for you. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you Twilight.”
“It’s okay. I’m willing to do this. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a princess, and if this is one of the hurdles it takes to do so, I’m willing to find my way over it.” Twilight turned away from Cadence and looked out into the library. “Well, home sweet home.”
“Please don’t get to comfortable Twilight, we have more to do.” She walked up behind Twilight and pressed her hand firmly against Twilight’s diaper, then slid her middle finger and index into the diaper liner around the back side of twilights legs. “Still dry.”
“Princess… wha… what are you-“
“I have to check to see if you’re dry Twilight.” Twilight’s face turned red. “I’m sorry, it’s just been so long since I’ve done… well, this. I remember having fun with you babysitting me, but I never thought I would be doing it again.”
“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s just the same thing… just with bigger diapers.” She smiled and patted Twilight’s head as Twilight looked down at her outfit again. “… Awweh sweetie. I know… How about we get you fed?”
“Ummm… Yeh, I guess I could eat. Come to think of it…” Twilight’s stomach growled. She looked at Cadence with a curious and adorable look, as if to say, “Please feed me.”
Princess Cadence picked up the diaper bag once more. “Well come on then Twilight. Let’s go get some food. Besides, we have some last minute errands to run any way. I’m about as prepared for this as you are.” She said with a giggle, reaching her hand out for Twilights as she opened the door.
The streets were beginning to calm down. It was reaching dinner time for most ponies, and the shops were clearing out. They walked through town, passing several stores selling various wares and food supplies, and eventually wound up at a store selling various infant needs. Cadence began to pull items off the shelves. Diapers, bottles, Sippy cups, pacifiers, diaper wipes, and baby powder. Because the store was so empty, they were in and out in no time. Twilight of course blushing in embarrassment and wishing she were home in fear of running into yet another person she knows. The cashier giggled and smiled at Twilight’s cuteness as she rang up the diapers, forcing Twilight to pout and blush.
Before long the two sat at a fancy restaurant. The sound of clinking plates and the smell of the food only made her hungrier. The bags sat beside Cadence who stared at Twilight, staring at the table, and sipping on her drink through a straw. “Twilight?” Twilight looked on with no answer. “Twilight.” She snapped her attention to Cadence.
“Yes m’am?”
“I was just thinking. What sort of cloths do you have to wear?”
“I’m not supposed to take off my diaper...”
“I mean for like, pajamas.” They were interrupted by the plates being set in front of them. “I have one more stop to make before we head home.” Of course this fell on def ears as Twilight was busy eating away. This made Cadence laugh to herself at how cute Twilight was. She had forgotten that deep inside Twilight somewhere, behind all these responsibilities, was the little girl she used to be.
After dinner they continued on to their final stop, Caracal Boutique. “But Cadence, that’s Rarity’s.”
“I know. We won’t be long, we’re here to get you some pajamas.” Twilight began to pull away, trying to get free from Cadences grip. “Twilight, what are you doing? Stop.”
“But Rarity is going to go crazy with her designs and fashions and…”
“Twilight please…” She said, struggling to regain control of the situation.
“But Twilight…”
“I don’t want to.” She pulled away hard.
Cadence lifted up Twilights arms and gave her a well aimed spank across her diaper. “Twilight. You are a princess, so please behave like one.” Twilight got quiet and put her hand on her diaper as she began to tear up once more. “Twilight… I… I’m sorry. I know you don’t want to go in there. I understand that you’re embarrassed for your friends to see you like this. But it’s part of being a princess. You have to be able to hold your head high, no matter the circumstances. This is one of the lessons you have to learn… I’m sorry.”
Twilight hung her head. “You’re right… I understand…” She allowed Cadence to once again take command, fallowing her into the boutique.
A bell rang as they stepped inside. Rarity was talking to Fluttershy in front of Opal. “Prince- Princess… Princess Cadence!” Rarity said as she bowed, Fluttershy bowing as well. “Such a surprise. How can I help you?”
“I need something special… for Twilight.” She pulled Twilight to her side revealing her to her friends. Rarity walked up to her.
“Twilight? I… Hmmm. I’m not sure I understand your, err… latest fashion?” Twilight blushed as Rarity studied her up and down.
Fluttershy’s face began to glow red. She looked at Twilight and began to Imagine herself in a similar outfit. She flapped her wings and before she could realize was hovering. She saw herself, snuggling up with Twilight for a nap. “Oh… my…”
Twilight noticed that Fluttershy was staring at her as rarity continued to talk to Cadence. “I still have Twilights measurements from the dress I designed for the Gala. I also have several patterns, footed pajamas, frilly covers and the like, that I created for Sweetie Belle. She has a similar problem.”
“I don’t have a problem.” Twilight exclaimed as Fluttershy landed beside her.
“Twilight, don’t be rude. Rarity is offering to create outfits for you.” Cadence interjected.
Rarity continued. “I would be more than happy to create some outfits for you. I have several ideas. I can see a Gothic Lolita style dress to hide those… ummm… yes. A onsie, perhaps some footed pajamas to keep her warm. Oh, perhaps some of those fabulous overalls that snap down the legs.” She said as she began to draw up some different designs. Please Princess, do fallow me.
“Fluttershy dear, can you keep an eye on Twilight while I step back with Rarity?”
“Oh… that would be wonderful.” Fluttershy pulled Twilight to her and walked over to a rocking chair by the window, next to the door.  “So, Twilight… tell me about today.”
Princess Cadence began to work with Rarity. “She’s so stressed Rarity. I wish I knew what to do.” Material passed in front of her face as Rarity snipped away at some fabrics.
“Well, as her friend, I know I understand. Being a princess must be hard work. I’m sure you don’t just start off a princess. These things take time, and learning. It’s like dress making my dear. You can’t just start off snipping and sewing and be a master designer. These things take time and discipline.”
“She didn’t even want to leave the castle. I think she was afraid of what you all would think.” She handed Rarity a measuring tape and some thread. “I feel so bad for having to drag her through town like I did.”
“She’s our friend, we’ll pass no judgment. Besides, this won’t be all bad. I get to design these amazing one of a kind outfits that I’m sure will make her positively adorable.” She paused for a minute. “How about your stress level my dear? This cannot be easy for a lady. I should know, Sweetie Belle is the same way I’m afraid.”
“Oh I’m fine. I used to sit for Twilight, she’s quite easy if you know how to handle her.”
Twilight spoke softly through misty eyes to Fluttershy. “I was scared that no one would understand. I don’t want to start again, but to be a true princess, I have to relearn everything… after I came so far? It’s not fair.”
“Oh Twilight… I’m sorry. It must be hard to start over again.” She looked down at Twilight who was sitting on the floor looking up at her. “But you know I’ll always listen.” She gave a friendly smile and sipped on a cup of tea.
“I’m glad you’re so understanding Fluttershy.”
“I’m sure we all understand. You’re our friend.”
“Rainbow Dash didn’t, she laughed at me. So did Spike.”
“That’s just how Dashy shows her love.” Again she sipped her tea and let out a content and relaxing sigh. “As for Spike, he’s a boy, they never understand. Besides, he’s still just a kid.”
Twilight looked down at the floor.
“How about a hug Twilight.” Fluttershy put her tea down on the floor next to her and held out her arms.
Rarity and Cadence worked away together, talking about how Twilight would handle being in public. Rarity of course trying not to hide the diapers, but instead turn them into a desirable fashion accessory, which Princess Cadence found quite adorable and agreed to. “Rarity, do you think I should check up on Twilight?”
“I’m sure that won’t be necessary. Fluttershy’s natural mother like instinct kicks in at things like this. She’s got it more than handled. Baby sitting, hahaha, not the best, but when it comes to someone in need of comfort or help… No one is more qualified.”
Princess Cadence looked out the door to see Twilight curled up in a little ball, sitting on Fluttershy’s lap as she rocked back and forth, petting Twilights hair with one hand and patting her diaper with the other.
Suddenly Fluttershy felt Twilight’s bottom begin to grow warm in her lap. Her face turned bright red as she stopped patting her diaper and pressed her hand against it, confirming what Fluttershy thought. Twilight, who had now fallen asleep had her first accident. Fluttershy held her closer, her face turning more red as she went back to rocking.
Within a few more moments, Rarity held up a finished pair of footed pajamas and an onesie. She held them up to show Cadence who smiled in approval. “I should have the rest done later on in the week. I’ll make sure to bring them by. Would you be so kind as to help me fit these on her, to make sure the measurements are correct. I wouldn’t want her uncomfortable, that simply wouldn’t do.”
Princess Cadence walked out to Fluttershy and rubbed on Twilights shoulder. “Twilight, all we have to do is try these on you and we can get you home sweetie, okay?”
Twilight yawned as she stood up holding Fluttershy’s hand while Cadence slipped her feet into the feeties. She zipped them up and stood back for a look. They were a little baggy, slightly covering her hands but gave her the ability to function normally.
“Okay, I like them. They look great Twilight. Now let’s try the other one.” Cadence said happily as she began to unzip the outfit.
“Ummm… Princess Cadence…” Fluttershy’s voice was quiet. “Twilight… ummm…” Twilight rubbed at her sleepy eyes. “She ummm… had a littlt… she ummm…” Fluttershy’s face again turned red.
“She… OH! Ohhhh okay. I’ll take care of it when we return to the Library.”
“I’m afraid I don’t understand.” Rarity looked puzzled.
Cadence leaned in to Rarity’s ear and whispered.
“Oh dear.” Rarity’s face grew red as well.
Princess Cadence helped Twilight out of her feeties and slid the onesie over her head, buttoning it between her legs for a perfect fit. “Wow rarity, you sure do know your clothing.”
“All in a days work my dear.” She looked at Twilight, now nodding off again. Cadence removed the onsie and put her back into the uniform, looking back into the room as she picked up the diaper bag, placed the outfits into the shopping bags, and smiled at them.
“Thank you girls so much for all your help, but I really must get Twilight home.”
“It was my pleasure.” Fluttershy responded.
“Oh, any time.” Rarity turned and looked at Fluttershy as Cadence took Twilights hand and continued out the door.
Before long, they found themselves back at the Library. Cadence hugged Twilight and pressed her hand against the diaper. “We should get you changed Twilight.” She gently laid Twilight down in the middle of the room and began to remove her clothing. Slowly she untapped the wet diaper and lifted her legs, sliding it away. Twilight flinched at the feel of the cold wipes on her skin. After Cadence finished wiping her down, she dropped the diaper wipes into the diaper and rolled it into its self, taping it into a tight ball.
She lifted Twilights legs just as Princess Celestia had earlier. Twilight once again began to cry. “Oh sleepy girl. We’ll get you to bed soon, don’t worry.” She slid the diaper under Twilights bottom and powdered her. Twilight continued to cry. “I know sweetie… I know.” Princess Cadence said, trying to reassure her that everything was okay, as she pulled the pacifier from the diaper bag and once again put it in Twilights mouth. She folded the diaper up and taped it snuggly to her waist.
She pulled Twilight to her feet and began slipping the feeties on her. Twilight holding onto Cadences shoulders trying to keep her balance. This diaper was a bit thicker on her then the last, and made it hard for her to keep her legs together. Cadence zipped them up and gave Twilight a hug, patting her on her diaper. “Shhhh, everything is going to be just fine Twilight.” She stood there for a minute, holding Twilight close.
Eventually she spoke softly. “We should get you into bed…” She handed Twilight her smarty pants doll and picked up the diaper, tossing it into a garbage can in the nearby kitchen. She grabbed twilight’s hand and walked her up the stairs and laid her down in bed. Princess Cadence lifted the sheets and covered Twilight as she closed her eyes. She looked down at her. She seemed to be at such peace now, home in bed, with Cadence by her side. Princess Cadence thought to herself for a second. This pony, so delicately sleeping before her, once saved her life from an evil princess of darkness who threatened her love, and her kingdom. She once stood up against a nightmare whose power threatened to shroud the world in darkness for eternity… and now, she’s been reduced to this. She thought that, perhaps this was Twilights chance to finally be the kid she never got to be had come. Regardless of which, there was a time when Twilight stuck beside her, and now that she had the chance, Princess Cadence planned to return the favor.
At this, her eyes began to tear as she leaned in toward Twilight. “Good night Twilight.” She kissed her on the forehead. “Sweet dreams…”
A little story I wrote because of A picture Geo drew with a discription that asked about somepony writing a cool version of the story. I used words from some other pictures as well, tried to keep it all together ENJOY.
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